Does beer after being cold go bad (aka get skunked) ? (Refrigerator to room temp etc.)
No, it is a common misconception that cold beer becomes “skunked” when it gets warm.  View more info on "skunked" beer on Troegs' website.

Do we carry Kegs?
We will special order you in a keg. Just let one of our associates know your request and we will be in contact ASAP. OR you can email us at WashingtonBeerCompany@gmail.com

What are our hours?
Monday through Saturday 9a-9p. Sunday 10a-6pm.
Holiday hours will vary. Check out our Facebook or instagram pages for updated holiday week hours. 
Do you sell anything besides beer?
Yes we sell lots of things - tobacco, soda, energy drinks, ice, snacks, and beer pong balls.  

What forms of payment do we accept?
Cash, all major credit cards.

Do we take special requests?
YES, and we encourage them. Just fill out our general inquiry form from our website or next time you stop in the store, ask an associate for the request form.

We will contact you when we get it or if you want to special order, we will try our hardest to make that happen.

Do we deliver to local restaurants and bars?
Fill out our general enquiry form on the website with your needs. Or email WashingtonBeerCompany@gmail.com